Credit history is undoubtedly one of the main determinants for loan approval or rejection. To repair a bad credit history, you will need to consciously undergo loan repair process that usually takes a long period by paying up your loan as quick as possible.

As the bank loan is no longer open to you, it will be frustrating to repair your credit history and improve your FICO score, and the options available are very few.

Poor credit score stems from the failure of borrowers to repay their loan on time; this propels the lender to report you to credit bureaus such as Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. They are responsible for keeping the records of your credit history.

With the report they have garnered from your history, they will evaluate your creditworthiness and inform any lenders the risks associated with lending you money. To repair your credit score, you can start taking loans and creating a plan on how not to default the loan repayment

A  is a secured loan that is easily accessible with the seamless application process. It can help you in the journey of repairing your credit score. Lenders take the risk of lending you money disregarding your bad credit score as the loan is secured with your car title. The approval time for a car title loan is very short while compared to the others.

You can boost your FICO score when you repay your loan before the deadline of your loan duration. This will show on your credit report thus improving your FICO score. With the lenders providing you with a flexible repayment plan, you can pay up on time and repair your credit history.

Online lenders do not consider your FICO score when applying, as far as you have the outright ownership of your car with the other documents available, you can be sure to get your cash in some hours.

With the lender offering you 25 to 50 percent of your car’s worth as loan, you can wisely use the loan to offset the pending payment with a negative impact on your FICO score. It could be a mortgage or auto loan.

Short-term loan in the form of car title is the best choice when you intend to repair your credit history. To pay for your car title loan on time, you can cut your expenses or sell off the items you don’t need anymore. Car title loans can be repaid through bank transfer, the use of payment platform on the lender’s website or you can pay in-person if your lender permits that.

To make your payment easy, you should go for automatic deduction, and you must be sure to make the exact fund available in your account. When your payment is consistent, over time, your FICO score will increase with your credit history getting better.

A bad credit history is not the end of life, with a conscious plan with the title loan; you can repair your credit history with no fuss.